Will Holmgren

Assistant Research Professor
Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Arizona


This following is a shameless list of my professional activities, but none of it would be possible without a large number of great people that I am lucky to be able to work with.

I make solar and wind power forecasts for utilities in the Southwest US using data from the UA high resolution regional weather model, satellite imagery, and rooftop solar panel generation. I advised Tony Lorenzo's papers on network forecasts of solar irradiance and optimal interpolation of satellite imagery for solar irradiance resource assessment. Learn more about our forecasting work at forecasting.energy.arizona.edu.

I lead a team in creating sveri.energy.arizona.edu, an interactive website that shows real-time generation and load data from 7 utilities in the Southwest US.

I collaborated with the SVERI utilities to produce a report on solar and wind power variability over 6 months in the Southwest based on utility generation data. The report presents novel analysis of how solar and wind variability depends on the time of day and time of year in the Southwest U.S. The public version of the report is available on sveri.net.

I co-administer the pvlib-python project, an open source Python library for solar energy modeling (github, documentation).

I created precip-d3, an interactive website that explores the impact of El NiƱo on seasonal rainfall in Tucson, AZ (or any gauge in the RCC-ACIS system!).

I earned my Ph.D. in 2013 by measuring atomic properties with an atom interferometer in Dr. Alex Cronin's group at the University of Arizona Department of Physics. I published measurements of polarizabilities, a measurement of the first tune-out wavelength of potassium, and a new technique to measure the velocity of an atom beam. My thesis provides more background, reanalysis, and supplementary materials for these papers. I developed tools and techniques and played an advisory role for refined measurements of polarizabilities and several other papers. See atomwave.org, my atom interferometry repository, or my CV for more information on my Ph.D. research (and links to non-paywalled articles).


I'm @wholmgren on GitHub.

I'm @willholmgren on Twitter.

My CV (pdf).

Hiking, rock climbing, biking from A to B.

Open source


Energy and weather: Mike Leuthold, Tony Lorenzo, Eric Betterton, Ardeth Barnhart, Alex Cronin, Travis Harty, Matti Morzfeld, Yang Cao, Chang Ki Kim, Daniel Cormode, Rey Granillo, Mike Eklund, J.D. Gibbs, Craig Boesewetter

Atomic physics: Alex Cronin, Vincent Lonij, Ivan Hromada, Raisa Trubko, Maxwell Gregoire